Ok, first things first:

I have no idea why copying text doesn't work in Chrome, so if you're using Chrome, consider downloading the desktop version instead. For roughly the same reason Exporting palettes as png or txt is disabled in the HTML5 Version. Sorry, I didn't feel like learning JavaScript.

Source Code:


or, if you just want the standalone script to use in your own project, download the ColorPalette.gd file.


How to use the standalone script yourself in Godot:

Either slap that script on a generic node or register it as a singleton.

Then call ColorPalette.make_palette(myColor). make sure to pass in your initial color "myColor" as an argument and it will return an Array of six colors.

Usage Tips:

  • The program generates a palette of 6 colors by "drawing" an imaginary triangle ABC on the color wheel. Just pick a color you like for A or press "Randomize A" for a random initial color.
  • Since all colors are dependent on A, it should have a fairly high saturation.
  • To prevent confusion, before touching the sliders, make sure "Contrasted B" and "Contrasted C" are disabled. 
  • Use "Contrasted B" if A has low value or saturation to make the palette less dull. Clicking "Randomize A" does this automatically.
  • "0.5" is the maximum possible contrast for "X Hue relative to Y". To make palettes with less harsh contrasts, make sure these sliders are close to 0.1 or 0.9.
  • Consider disabling "Exact Secondary Colors" every now and then for comparison. Usually the difference isn't too big or the colors get more muddy, but sometimes the results are more interesting
  • This is a subjective thing, but having a high range in saturation leads to more interesting results. Picking s=0.9 for A, C relative to A = 0.66 and B relative to C = 0.33 is a fairly safe bet.
  • Also subjective, but smaller triangles tend to yield more pleasant results (less contrast -> less conflict)
  • Have fun, make sure to give feedback ;)

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5


ColorPaletteMaker_WIN.zip 12 MB
ColorPaletteMaker_MACOS.zip 14 MB
ColorPaletteMaker_LINUX.zip 13 MB
ColorPalette.gd 1 kB


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this will come handy, thanks!


i'm not an expert in art, but i know that this type of tool is quite usefull.

just add an button to reset to the default settings, an button to save the current profile.