Kingdom Hingdom Thingdom 

is a short, fast-paced jump'n'run'n'slash'n'climb that has been inspired by Nifflas' Knytt Stories. Explore 5 exciting levels, find the fastest route, grab all coins, slay all enemies and master the game! Can you S+ every level? 

This has been a short side-project I made to clear my head. Thanks to the amazing people, who provide free assets to make short projects like this possible and enjoyable!

Check out the awesome soundtrack by wyver9 here  

Also, make sure to visit for

Thanks for playing, I would apprechiate a sweet comment or a rating <3

Known Bugs:

  • Double Jump cancels when at highest jump-height. It's really annoying but I can't fix it for the life of me. Just don't be too greedy
  • Enemies sometimes be vibin at the edge of a platform or even fall off it. #wontfix
  • If the game doesn't detect any keyboard input, make sure to have the canvas focused by clicking into the window.

Tips for better scores:

  • You get double points if you don't get hit throughout the entire level. It's hard, but necessary for S+
  • To get the time-bonus, you have to finish the level in less than half of the available time.
  • Take your time to familiarize yourself with the level, you can reset anytime by holding R, it doesn't affect your score. You can even retry the level to replace a score, if you didn't make it.
  • Level 4 and 5 are designed to be infuriating. Just keep on training that muscle memory. Also try to memorize the fake-walls by closely watching enemies and coin positioning ;)
  • Using Q and E for attacking can save your ass, if you have to turn around quickly to fight off an enemy. 
  • The King Hing Thing chase-sequence doesn't affect your score. Your only objective is to survive.
  • For the most painless escape from Level 5, hold on to the key until the very end to unlock the keyblocks below the crown. jouble and cliem are just bait and not actually needed to finish the level. Your best bet is to pick up the key right before you want to finish the level, so you don't accidentally lose it on one of the many keyblocks.
Release date Dec 29, 2021
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)
Made withGodot
Tags1-bit, Arcade, Cute, Fast-Paced, Funny, jumping, Metroidvania, Retro, Short, Speedrun
Average sessionA few minutes


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This is adorable :^)